Helping to Validate that your Cyber Security Plans are Ready

Cyber Threat Exercises and Cyber Threat Briefings

Ethereal Rodent Cyber Consulting specializes in all forms of Cyber Threat Exercises to fit your every cyber-security business need. Whether you are looking to validate responses plans that you already have or if you want to leverage a workshop to help you bring all the stakeholders together around a new technology, threat, or strategy to make sure that you are building a plan that works. 

Founded by Daniel Hammond in 2014 and activated in 2019. Daniel brings the experience of 60+ Cyber Threat Exercises at all levels of engagement, to include leading industry exercises supporting industry-level initiatives. He also has deep Cyber Threat Intelligence experience and understands and can simulate real-world threat actor actions.

Daniel is a veteran of the U.S. Army and Army Reserves with 14 years of  Military Intelligence experience in the Signals and Human Intelligence disciplines. He has designed advanced courses for the military intelligence community and has experience designing complex scenarios to train and test students. He was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division and spent a year combat deployed in the Middle East. 

He lived 5 years in Honduras where he ran a top-tier physical security company and helped to manage a textile export company.

Daniel enjoys giving back and has started a Houston-based employee network chapter for veterans. He is a team leader for Christ Restoration Center Ministries that prays with people for inner healing. His wife Carolina and he are part of a leadership team, partnered with C&M Lifeline, focused on a building a modern facility for the Nightingale Nursing School and clinic in Siguatepeque, Honduras. He served on the vestry, including 2 years as Senior Warden, at St. Christopher Episcopal Church, in League City and currently sings and plays bass at the contemporary service and supports mission and outreach. He also supports San Jacinto Community College’s Computer programs on their Business Advisory Council. 

Cyber Threat Exercises

Cyber Threat Exercises can be leveraged to validate your Cyber Response, Cyber Response plans, Business Continuity plans, or Disaster Recovery plans. Workshops can also be leveraged to build plans that take into consideration what needs to happen, before there is a crisis.

Cyber Threat Briefings

Create a greater awareness of the types of Cyber Threats that are out there with your employees, executives, or critical clients. Knowing what the threats look like helps strengthen Cyber Security’s weakest link, the human factor.